LypoSpheric Vitamin C
COME ALIVE WITH THE INCREDIBLE SYNERGY! - Special Combo Price on Lypo-Spheric GSH & Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

Why do you need Lypo-SphericTM GSH and Lypo-SphericTM Vitamin C together? In a word SYNERGY! And, indeed the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts. In the same way a Rembrandt painting is worth far more than the canvas and paint that were combined to make it. Vitamin C and Glutathione (GSH) are worth far more together than they are individually.

Together, Lypo-SphericTM Vitamin C and Lypo-SphericTM GSH not only provide a complete protection unavailable from either alone, they also enhance and multiply each other's performance. Together they provide maximum protection for the brain, the heart/arteries, the lungs, the eyes, and the liver.* Together, they fortify the immune system in unparalleled ways.*

Together, Vitamin C and GSH are arguably the single most powerful supplement duo in history — and when delivered using liposomal encapsulation technology they're the best they can possibly be. Now, you can buy them together at a special introductory price AND get a free copy of GSH: Master Defender Against Disease, Toxins, and Aging!

We are aware that some of our GSH is becoming more watery over time. We have just received an assay report from an independent lab. They have noted the change in viscosity but have verified the GSH content is stable and should perform as advertised. Although we have not isolated the cause, it has been suggested that refrigerating the product will provide maximum shelf life.